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ARTiculate began on the campus of Brooklyn College. Our founder, Anya, felt there was a need for a club on campus where students could express themselves freely, share art and connect with other students without any pressure or judgment. She started a petition to form a club called "ARTiculate at Brooklyn College" and the response was bigger than she expected. There was an overwhelming demand for such a space to exist. In fall of 2018, ARTiculate was an official college  organization. At the first meeting, over 50 students stopped by to share art, poetry, and good vibes. ARTiculate at Brooklyn College is still running to this day and continues to be a safe space for students to express themselves.

Through the club's events and connections, ARTiculate continued to expand. The club began hosting events off campus, starting with a monthly series at The Nest in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It was attracting attention not only from CUNY students, but was gaining a significant following on social media.

During her time at Brooklyn College, Anya commuted daily between Brooklyn and the Bronx and had strong ties to both boroughs so she was able to make connections with different artists, venues and organizations all over NYC. She decided to pursue ARTiculate as a business and formed ARTICULATE NYC, LLC. in January 2019. The goal was the same as the school club, except on a larger scale.


From its inception, the mantra was "5 boroughs and beyond" and the focus has been building and nurturing genuine connections across NYC, out of state, and even out of country. Currently the ARTiculate community has reached thousands and artists have showcased with us from all over the world. Everything was built organically through the power of genuine connections and support. Thank you to everyone who is a part of the #ARTarmy. We would not exist without you!



We define A.R.T. as A Reflection of Truth. Art is everywhere and everything starts with art. To ARTiculate is to express your inner truth (your heART). Art is meant to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. It can awaken the senses, bring light to the darkness, and allow us to see beauty in vulnerability and appreciate things beyond the surface. It is healing, can be a form of activism, and speaks to us on a visceral level. We believe that everyone is an artist, the only difference is which canvas we choose to express ourselves on.


We meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Whether you are an aspiring artist, a professional, looking to hire an artist, or looking to add more art to your community, we provide the resources, opportunities, and connections for all things art related. To find out more about our programs and services, click here.




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