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Chidi Ozieh,


Raised in both England and Nigeria, Ozieh is well traveled and a man of the world. He started his art career in London, and have since moved his studio to the United States. Ozieh has always been an artist focusing on music and drawing since he was a child. He started painting and illustrating professionally in 2006. He initially started painting with acrylic on linen canvas but has now progressed to using oils. Over the years, he has adopted several styles including the Neo Mannerist style pioneered by the late Ernie Barnes.

Each painting by Ozieh is part of a theme and tells a story. His goal is to paint the world as he sees it, and to paint the timeless pieces that speak to people on a human level and gives them a different perspective on life. His love of music inspires the use of movement and vivid colors in each piece which draws the viewer in and forces them to analyze what is in front of them.

Ozieh has exhibited all over the world including Paris, London, Berlin and New York and his extraordinary work features in prominent art collections in Europe and North America.

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Chidi Ozieh___Balanced___11_x_15__acryli
Chidi Ozieh___The Angel Of Love___11_x_1

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1. What does ART mean to you and what is your WHY power (biggest motivation)?

2. Why did you join ARTiculate? How has the community impacted you?

3. What is the next step for you? 


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