What is ARTiculate?


ARTICULATE NYC, LLC. is a network and talent management agency based in New York City; created for artists by artists. We are a community of artists of all different kinds who work to express ourselves, connect with and elevate one another.

What makes ARTiculate different from other agencies?


ARTiculate is a one stop artist shop! We provide artist consultations, host events, and are continuously expanding our services so that you receive everything you need as a creative. The most important service we provide is genuine support. Our unique holistic approach to management factors in the artist’s physical, mental, and spiritual well being as well as their career goals. We want to see you ELEVATE!

What are the requirements to perform/showcase?


We accept artists of all levels.

Are you still doing events?


At this time, we host virtual open mics every other Saturday. You can apply to host an open mic by emailing To perform, simply tune into the live and request to join!

We look forward to hosting live events that follow all social distance and safety guidelines. (Hopefully sooner than later!)  We will make an update via our email newsletter, website, and social media once we officially resume in-person events.

How do I become a featured artist?

Go to the artists page and fill in the form on the bottom of the screen.

Do you only work with NYC-based artists?

Absolutely not! Although we are currently based in New York, we have worked with artists from Philadelphia, Jacksonville, London, Lagos, Georgetown, and other cities across the U.S. and the world. The majority of our platform is based online and easily accessible to anyone with internet access.

Do you have any paid opportunities for artists?


Yes. We help connect artists with commissions and paid opportunities via our website and newsletter. Currently, we are working on a database of creative entrepreneurs, art organizations, job opportunities, resources, workshops and masterclasses to help artists elevate.


Do you offer artist management?

We do offer one on one management, however due to our in depth and holistic approach we dedicate our energy and resources to only one artist at a time. Email us for management inquiries and if we currently do not have the capacity we will refer you to one of our trusted partners.


What is the minimum age requirement?


To protect our clients’ boundaries and keep their best interest at heart, we require you to be 18 years old (or 16 years old with written permission from a legal guardian) in order to work or intern with us. However, we do offer programming and workshops dedicated to younger artists.


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