Origin Story


ARTiculate began on the campus of Brooklyn College. Our founder, Nova, felt there was a need for a club on campus where students could express themselves freely, share art and connect with other students without any pressure or judgment. She started a petition to form a club called "ARTiculate at Brooklyn College" and the response was bigger than she expected. In fall of 2018, ARTiculate was an official college  organization. At the first meeting, over 50 students stopped by to share art, poetry, and good vibes. ARTiculate at Brooklyn College is still running to this day and continues to be a safe space for students to express themselves. Interested in starting an ARTiculate chapter at your school? Let us know! We can guide you through the process. 


Through the club's events, Nova began making connections to different venues and organizations that supported underground artists. The club also began hosting events off campus, starting with a monthly series at The Nest in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It was attracting attention not only from CUNY students, but also gaining a significant following on social media.

Despite surface level success, all the new connections ironically made Nova start to feel disconnected. The original vision and mission of ARTiculate started to get lost because of creative differences between Nova and her team at the time. After a lot of ups and downs in the first year of launching ARTiculate, Nova was feeling burnt out after having to take on the entire business operation by herself. In late 2019, a performance artist by the name of Finesse GAWD reached out looking for artist management. After their first consultation, they learned that they not only had art in common but also a passion for wellness and empowering others. Immediately, they began working on incorporating all their talents and interests into one brand. ARTiculate transitioned from an events-focused organization to a Holistic Artist Management Agency focused on uplifting artists and the community. ARTiculate NYC was back and stronger than ever. The vision and mission was restored thanks to Nova's reconnection with herself, her core values, her brand vision and her connection to Mack. Alone we may go fast, but together we go far. With a better understanding of their purpose and the purpose of ARTiculate, they are able to be more selective in who to connect with which allows them to thrive personally and professionally. You don't have to sacrifice your well-being to be successful. Sometimes taking a step back helps you re-connect to your purpose. If you relate to the feeling of burn out, we can help you re-connect with yourself. 



During her time at Brooklyn College, Anya commuted daily between Brooklyn and the Bronx and had strong ties to both boroughs so she was able to make connections with different artists, venues and organizations all over NYC. She decided to pursue ARTiculate as a business and formed ARTICULATE NYC, LLC. in January 2019. The goal was the same as the school club, except on a larger scale. 

From its inception, the mantra was "5 boroughs and beyond" and the focus has been building and nurturing genuine connections across NYC, out of state, and on a global scale. Currently the ARTiculate community has reached thousands and artists have showcased with us from all over the world. Everything was built organically through the power of genuine connections and support. Our current goal is to expand our directory and network of artists and organizations creating an artist platform and marketplace. Artists can use the platform to promote themselves and find collaborative projects and paid opportunities. Art lovers can find inspiration from our curated selection of artists. Entrepreneurs and organizations can easily find talent and book artists for projects and commissions. 

We will continue to support small businesses and non-profit organizations through our workshops, showcases, and community-based programs.  In November 2021, we will have our own official community center/ event space.


Thank you to everyone who is a part of the #ARTarmy. We could not elevate without you!



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