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Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz,

Norwalk, Connecticut

Hi, my name is Sarah Owen Stinson-Hurwitz, or SOSH for short. I am a Norwalk, Connecticut based artist and I believe it is the responsibility of the arts to bring people together and thus have committed my practice to explorations of intimacy and connection. I am passionate about engaging in the local arts community through participatory projects, festivals and murals. My subjects range from the human figure to dreamlike landscapes and quiet snapshots of daily life. I allow a relationship with each piece to emerge intuitively keeping in mind that painting provides the unique opportunity to pull magic out of the quotidian. I soak my canvases in surreal color palettes and fill them with energetic brush strokes. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018 with an interdisciplinary bachelors in Art and Gender Studies with honors. While at school, I received various grants for my vulnerable portraiture and interactive Dinner Party series. Since then my work has been included in multiple solo and group exhibitions in Connecticut, Pittsburgh, New York, Miami and Charleston. I love to create and connect and am always looking for new avenues to do so.

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Mantis and the moon

express, connect, elevate.

1. What does ART mean to you and what is your WHY power (biggest motivation)?

2. Why did you join ARTiculate? How has the community impacted you?

3. What is the next step for you? 


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