Our mission is to inspire artists to thrive by creating safe spaces and providing a platform for artists to express themselves, connect with others, and elevate their community.


Our vision is simple. A world of thriving artists. We are working to end the "starving artist" stigma. Alone we go fast, together we go far. Let's elevate together.

Meet Our Founders

Nova (she/supernova) is an artist, nutritionist and 200-hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

Mack (he/Finesse GAWD) is a musician, audio engineer, plant-based chef and holistic health practitioner.

We use our background as healers to deliver a holistic approach to artist management. We believe art is a form of therapy and activism. We use our platform to amplify artist voices and offer holistic support to everyone in our network.

Artist Management Team

Aisha, NYC  

(she/her) BRAND NAME: The Artful Hands


Aisha aka "The Artful Hands" is the Chief Financial Officer at ARTiculate. She is a visual artist creating henna-inspired designs and her own natural henna.

Chelsea is our chief financial, in-house henna artist and creator of the official ARTICULATE NYC logo. #ARTarmy !

Chelsea, NYC  

(she/her) BRAND NAME: Glow and Get it

Chelsea is a 20 year old artist for those in need of creative representation. She mainly works on projects that will help to build the communities that she embraces as her own, including working with children of color and food-based volunteer projects around the city. She is a visual artist, working mainly in paint and graphic design, a climate justice activist, and a poet. She launched her shop on Etsy, LegalizeMelanin in 2016 where she originally sold mugs. Today, she sells stickers and is soon expanding her shop to include hand-painted earrings and denim pieces, greeting cards, mugs and more. 

Chelsea is our executive assistant, in-house graphic designer and creator of the official ARTICULATE NYC logo. #ARTarmy !




Express, Connect, and Elevate Your Brand!

Artistic Development
Brand Management

We meet you where you are and take you where you want to go. Are you overwhelmed by your to-do list? Tired of dealing with greedy labels and management companies that want to take a cut from all your hard work and take away your creative control? Our ARTIST FIRST promise is that we will always have your best interest at heart. Gone are the days where you are forced to do what you are uncomfortable with for profit. We give you back your power and take away the headaches of figuring out complicated contracts and negotiating deals. We will handle all the complicated, boring stuff so you have more time to focus on your art.


During our one on one consultations with artists, we evaluate their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as this is the foundation of their brand. After the first consultation creating a plan based their individual needs and goals. The final step of the  We focus on you as a human being rather than a human "doing" and connect you with opportunities that are aligned with your values and unique talents

We wanted our services to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Our consultation packages start at just $30/hour.


We all dread the word "exposure" just as much as you do because let's face it, our landlords don't accept exposure as payment. So, instead of bragging about the exposure we provide, we put you in front of the right people and audiences that will not only get you more followers but convert them into loyal fans and supporters.


Whether your weakness is finding and fine tuning your voice, telling a compelling and engaging story, or consistency between platforms, we got you covered. We offer services that help boost your social media presence, web design, plays, and more. Ask about our packages and rates.